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Surprise gift in the post!

I normally avoid answering the doorbell, but because I’m expecting a delivery of some client materials, I let the FedEx guy in. To my surprise, he handed over a long parchment-shaped package. First thought it […]


I’ve just been featured on Zerply’s Recent Favorites #22, a weekly round-up of their favourite designs. It’s an honour to be in the list with the other great designers. Thanks, guys!

Don’t call me a hipster

You can love vintage and antique things without being a hipster. I like to think that my watching Bargain Hunt and Flog It! proves that I am the genuine antique nerd 🙂 So anyway, I […]

There’s a first time for everything

This may come as a surprise, but today was the first time I tried imitating watercolour painting on Photoshop. I usually prefer to do it by hand, but I think some pieces deserve the authentic […]

You’re never too old to learn…

… if you’re willing to learn. My favourite takeout from this article? Smaller companies are 10 times better for learning. Be generous with your time and money–it has an amazingly fast payback. 8 SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS […]

Three rules one might follow to get the best.

Number one. As fellow artists, I think we should respect each other and never, even once, think that we’re better than the other. The one who falls into that trap risks losing something very, very […]

"The expert in any work is always a success." — Anonymous