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Ducks vs birds

I have concluded that it is significantly more difficult to draw ducks than to draw birds. And that left-facing ducks are easier than right-facing ducks. Is this because I’m right-handed?

Do something every day

I read somewhere that doing something every day, even if it isn’t much, is better than doing nothing. So since I want to pursue illustration as a viable complement to my design work, I’ve decided […]

Illustrated birds

I’ve always loved drawing objects of nature. My doodles usually consist of trees and sometimes birds, although it isn’t obvious looking at my webshop! I decided today to pick up where I left off with […]

In a photo shoot

Walked into the Poet Farmer offices today to have a huge arch and harness greeting me, my fiancé, Rik, hanging from the ceiling. Apparently it was photo shoot day for their website, which I designed, […]