Are you ready for Christmas?

I know, it’s not even November yet and I’m already dreaming of Christmas. It’s the same thing you hear every year – “Christmas comes earlier every year!” or “I can’t believe the shops are already stocking up their Christmas decorations!”.

The fact is, most people like Christmas. Even if you’re not celebrating it for the religious holiday it is, most people relate Christmas to a warm, fuzzy, homey feeling. Unless you’re a tax consultant, or a marketing manager who needs to churn out an insane amount of work by the end of the year. I’m sure some of them still can’t help feeling nostalgic when hearing a Christmas oldie on the radio though.

But anyway, my question is: are you ready for Christmas? In terms of work, that is.

I let most Christmasses slip by without doing anything special for Goodputty; sometimes because I’m too busy working, and sometimes because I just don’t have the inspiration. But to the rest of you budding designers who want to take advantage of this season of buying and marketing, and at the same time want to promote yourselves, here are three ideas.

  1. Create customised Christmas cards for companies you have a good relation with. If you dare to cold call, by all means do so, but I’m a frightful coward and also a non-believer of cold-calling. My suggestion would be to create a design and sell it to these companies, instead of asking if they want one designed. Most people only want something after seeing it.
  2. Take advantage of a budding skill and use it to promote yourself this Christmas. For a recent pitch, I had to try my hand at digital artwork and a minuscule amount of animation. The artwork wasn’t accepted, but I now have an unused Christmas animation lying around in my computer. I might just use it in a personal newsletter or on the website.
  3. If you’re really industrious, prepare from today to do a countdown to Christmas. From 1 till 25 December, take a picture every day, design a Christmas ornament every day, send out an inspirational quote every day… do something every day and post it on your social media. Push yourself to be creative, and who knows, you might stumble upon something that someone really likes and buys. At the very least, it should earn you some new follows and you might learn something new about what you enjoy doing.

I wish you all the best in what you decide to do!

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