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A new toy for a freelancer

After a week of online research and fervent discussions with good friends, I finally purchased a compact camera of my own yesterday. I had only two…okay, three wishes in my camera. I only fulfilled two […]

Designing my own party

I don’t think any designer can resist creating the invitations and decorations for their own party. Rik and I just signed our marriage papers at the city hall, so we hosted a party for our […]


I’m fortunate enough to be able to branch out from regular graphic design to try my hand at other artistic activities. One of them is collaborating with local independent baker, Twinkle Cakes. Here’s a shot […]

Surprise gift in the post!

I normally avoid answering the doorbell, but because I’m expecting a delivery of some client materials, I let the FedEx guy in. To my surprise, he handed over a long parchment-shaped package. First thought it […]

Don’t call me a hipster

You can love vintage and antique things without being a hipster. I like to think that my watching Bargain Hunt and Flog It! proves that I am the genuine antique nerd 🙂 So anyway, I […]