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Communication and miscommunication

Just a quick one today about communication. I browse Pinterest a lot for both life and work inspiration. Over the years, I’ve come across many inspirational and motivational quotes, and I’ve noticed that they’re very […]

Working with designers

Part of my job – and this is actually a part that I enjoy – is educating clients. Dream clients are few and far between, and they only become that way after they have worked with […]

Of summer breaks (is it, really?)

I’ve been on a short sort-of break for the past two weeks, as a good friend of mine was visiting from Malaysia. A break is a wonderful thing… except when you know you have deadlines […]

A new toy for a freelancer

After a week of online research and fervent discussions with good friends, I finally purchased a compact camera of my own yesterday. I had only two…okay, three wishes in my camera. I only fulfilled two […]

None of that normal superhero nonsense

The dream I had last night impressed me so much I actually have to write a blog post on it, even if it may bore you readers out there. I’ve always been intrigued by the […]

Volunteer work in Rotterdam… impossible

A few months ago, during one of my occasional saunters into the public library, I discovered this group called Vrijwilligerswerk Rotterdam. I’ve always wanted to give a little back to the community, but not being […]

I’m on Fiverr

As a freelancer, it’s pretty normal to find yourself not having any paid work to complete, or perhaps you’ve been too efficient and are tapping your fingers while waiting for feedback. Today, I find myself […]

Same same but different

The stereotype is that creatives are or should be carefree, wild, unpredictable and undisciplined. I think people think that creatives are so different from the norm only because we allow ourselves to think differently. But we […]

Ducks vs birds

I have concluded that it is significantly more difficult to draw ducks than to draw birds. And that left-facing ducks are easier than right-facing ducks. Is this because I’m right-handed?