The (very brief) theory of (website) evolution

About a year or more ago, Poet Farmer launched their newly-redesigned website (designed by yours truly, view the project here). You may or may not know it, but a truly effective website is always evolving according to what the viewer behaviour is, or what the market needs at that moment.

This is why, when working on a website design, clients should be aware that it will never be 100% finished, nor 100% perfect before launch. But this is just a remark, in response to rueful stories I’ve heard from project managers over the years.

Poet Farmer has followed this route and updated their Cases page according to research and stats they’ve acquired over the year. This has included tidying up the page and adding a more personal touch by using quotes and pictures of people involved in the projects.

Which brings me to why I’m writing this post in the first place! With this update, I find myself having another opportunity to plug myself and try to get onto Google search results again, by announcing that I’ve been featured on one of the Cases pages. It’s for another website (designed of course, by me, view the project here) and the page contains a more in-depth rundown of what the project consisted of. Much better than I could have written (or would have wanted to write) on my own page.

Check it out here:

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