It’s back to the drawing board

I’ve been busy illustrating in the past few days. I find that I enjoy it a lot more than I do designing, I guess because I draw for myself and not for a client. Now if only I could get my drawings to support me financially, I could have more of a reason to spend most of my time drawing instead of creating logos 😉

Anyway, besides my Vintage Camera series – which, incidentally, you can now purchase as pillows here – I’m actually usually occupied with making cards for people, especially for my good friend at Twinkle Cakes.

So here are a couple cards that I’ve recently created. Unfortunately, if you don’t know Dutch, they won’t say much to you, but I’ll caption the images.

Cheers on your age and that you remain healthy and happy. A toast to your health and wishing you a very good day!

I created this for the Studio Zi collective I belong to. I like it (duh!) but seems it’s not commercial enough. Anyway, if you’re not into commercial greeting cards, feel free to order it here for 3 euros.

Travelled through a wonderful life together for 40 years.

I was commissioned this illustration to celebrate an awesome anniversary of 40 years. The couple loves travelling, hence the air balloon and the wording of the message. I actually added little clouds at the last minute, but I was lazy to take another photo (hehe).

Since I spent so much time creating this, and because I like the air balloon idea, I thought I’d also sell this with the number being customisable to any other 2-digit number. You can therefore customise it here for 5 euros.

Or if you just like the travelling theme, I have an English version for sale using the famous quote from J.R.R. Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost” as a pillow (and art print as well).

Well, that’s it for now, have a great week!

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