Now offering collections in my webshop!

I”ve decided to experiment with a new strategy in my webshop (go ahead and visit my webshop!).

Although the pricing of my drawings is very reasonable, what I think tends to discourage people (because it would make me hesitate as well) is the postage cost. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about that unless I put the cost into the price of the artwork, and I don’t want to do that, because I feel that it’s sort of cheating the customer to claim that there is free delivery when they are in actual fact still paying for it in the item (although it may be a good marketing strategy).

So, instead of offering one print, I’m trying a new strategy of selling in a collection. My first collection is the Monochrome Collection I, which includes my Air Balloon, Glamourous Girl and the geometric Start Somewhere.

If you ever wanted a good deal from my shop, this is for you 🙂

Get it here!

What is “full colour printing” and “Pantone colour printing”?

A colleague of mine stepped into my room today with this question.

For those of you entering the amazing world of print – not many these days – and having to deal with quotations from old-school professional printers and getting befuddled by it all, here is the clearest distinction, found on (actually surprisingly) a printer’s website.

In a nutshell:

Full colour printing involves mixing the four colours (CMYK) in the relevant amounts to produce a specific colour. Most useful in the printing of images.

Pantone colour printing is using a specific Pantone colour found from Pantone colour books. This is not considered a mixing of colours. Therefore, if your brochure contains only one Pantone colour (including percentages of it) and black, it is considered two colour printing. Most useful in corporate branding.

For a bit more detail, read here.

New product in the shop!

I’ve lately been too busy to do much for my webshop, but then… isn’t “busy” sometimes just a state of mind? You have to make time in order to have time. Well, not always, but you know what I mean.

Anyways, here’s my new product. Head on over to the webshop to show me some love!

Brush pens

Last year, I discovered this amazing product called a brush pen.

It caught my eye every time I visited the art shop, but at 8 euros for one pen, I was always a little nervous about it. See, I tend to buy stationery and not have any use for them in the end. Well, when my birthday came around again this year, I thought it would be the perfect chance to ask for something that I want but didn’t dare to buy myself!

So my very first brush pen was a Pentel black. I’ve since used it on several projects (could be more) and I just love it. I try to incorporate it into any project I can, usually hobby projects, since my commissioned designs don’t involve much handdrawn illustration.

Then a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon… the COLOURED version of the brush pen! Once again, the dilemma. To buy or not to buy?

I bought. And it arrived today!

Now what will my next project be…?


Nothing like a Monday morning meeting – along with a strong cup of tea followed by a cappuccino – to start the week off productively.

Same same but different

The stereotype is that creatives are or should be carefree, wild, unpredictable and undisciplined.

I think people think that creatives are so different from the norm only because we allow ourselves to think differently. But we are no different from any other human – after all, every human is different – we just maybe open ourselves to more than one approach to a problem, which allows us to come up with more “creative” ideas.

Ducks vs birds

I have concluded that it is significantly more difficult to draw ducks than to draw birds. And that left-facing ducks are easier than right-facing ducks. Is this because I’m right-handed?

Do something every day

I read somewhere that doing something every day, even if it isn’t much, is better than doing nothing.

So since I want to pursue illustration as a viable complement to my design work, I’ve decided to just sketch something every day. No matter how silly or ugly it may turn out.

I’m in the mood for birds…

Illustrated birds

I’ve always loved drawing objects of nature. My doodles usually consist of trees and sometimes birds, although it isn’t obvious looking at my webshop!

I decided today to pick up where I left off with some of my older bird doodles, and create a project out of them. Sometimes it takes a while for something to mature and inspire you to create a whole other thing.

Here’s the first bird from my sketchbook.

In a photo shoot

Walked into the Poet Farmer offices today to have a huge arch and harness greeting me, my fiancé, Rik, hanging from the ceiling. Apparently it was photo shoot day for their website, which I designed, and will hopefully be up within the next few weeks. I’m even in the photos 😉