A new toy for a freelancer

After a week of online research and fervent discussions with good friends, I finally purchased a compact camera of my own yesterday.

I had only two…okay, three wishes in my camera. I only fulfilled two of them, but I figured the third wish was the least important compared to the “good”ness of the first two.

  1. Better pictures than my iPhone 5
  2. Good grip for travel and one-handed shots
  3. Wireless internet

I decided to chuck the wireless internet wish when I saw that all the cameras with WiFi were either over budget, or took hideously crappy pictures.

The choice was between the Sony Cybershot RX100 and the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX7.

All over the internet, and even in the camera store, people were waxing lyrical about the Sony. I was about ready to fork out an extra 60 euros over my budget for it until I stumbled upon the Lumix. Where the Sony fulfilled only one of my three wishes, the Lumix fulfilled two. I loved the pictures the Sony took, but I really, really didn’t like how fragile and slippery the body felt. Apparently, many people feel that way too, which is why Sony is selling an extra stick-on grip. But this sticker costs 17 euros and only increases grippy-ness by a small percentage.

Now, I was ready to compromise on my budget AND the grippy-ness because every other camera in that price range produced flat and dull photos. But when I started researching the Lumix, I discovered that, to my untrained eye at least, both cameras produced similar photos. Now it’s not easy to judge photos because you don’t know how many settings people have adjusted to produce that photo, but these two were definitely a head above the rest. Add in the fact that the Lumix is very nice and grippy (and looks like an actual camera to boot – the Sony looks like a sleek, smooth smartphone) and it’s just on the budget, and I pretty much reached my decision there and then.

I haven’t had the chance to fully test out my Lumix in the outdoors, where I hope it will fare better than it has done so far indoors. Here are a couple of shots I’ve taken at home.




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