De Bijbel Tapes

I had the challenging responsibility of creating the logo, visual identity and all its applications for De Bijbel Tapes, the biggest audiofilm production in Dutch history, and the first of its kind. It brings the Bible, word for word, to life, through the voice-acting of some of the most reknowned Dutch actors.

The concept of this project is to bring the Bible to life through real people and real emotions. When people read the Bible, they generally read it with a sort of holy prejudice in mind. Everyone seems to sound holy, wise and good. But in reality, these are stories of real people. They shout, they cry and they struggle in situations. In this way, De Bijbel Tapes is “revealing” the Bible in a new way to the audience.

The director wanted to present the books not as mere stories, but an actual account of historical events. In this way, we came up with the “documentary” style of presentation. We used real-life photos sourced from news events around the world and a serious, no-nonsense, style for the logo and accompanying material.

Project managed by MERX.