Logo Case Study: Hana Baek

In my early years of designing, I enjoyed the process of designing logos and brand identities. It was the idea of all the possibilities that I could bring to life, and being able to translate so many things – what the client wanted to convey about their brand, what the target audience would respond to, and my personal take on these two concepts – into a single visual (the logo), backed up by supporting visuals (the identity).

The process of logo design is a very tricky thing, possibly one of the most difficult and complex areas of graphic design. This fact surprises many people who are not in the business of creating. It’s important not only to have a competent designer on board, but also a client that is willing and able to communicate and be a partner. In fact, I always reiterate to people/my clients, that when we work together, it’s a partnership. The client knows the most about their brand, and the designer knows the most on how to present it visually.

This case study is just for fun, it’s a project I found in my archives from back in 2016, when I was asked to create a personal brand for a model. These are the initial proposals, which would then be narrowed down to one and then further refined to its final form. I’m uploading it here in case it may be of interest to anyone who is curious about the process, and although I don’t describe or showcase the process in detail, I hope it sort of sheds some light on why logo design is so complex.