The Edge

The poster for a musical is equivalent to a logo for any corporation. As such, I was honoured to be approached by a good friend of mine, a music composer and writer, to design a poster for his latest musical, The Edge. The musical revolves around six young people, friends of a young man contemplating suicide. Even with such a morbid storyline, we wanted to let people know that this was still a story of family and friendship, as well as of a situation that happens more often than one expects.

I decided to tease the viewer with a cityscape and dotted footprints on the edge, to get them guessing at what would happen, and to whom. I created custom lettering for the title, blocky but slightly quirky, in order to draw the viewer’s attention.

The Edge is sponsored by the Department of Arts and Culture (Malaysia), Monday Show Entertainment, and Befrienders, a volunteer action to prevent suicide.