The Wisdom Factor

The Wisdom Factor is a concept developed in the US, and aims to educate people in positions of leadership of the importance of “wisdom” – the relationship between the self and the world.​ It says that each person should be sensitive towards what is happening around them, be it with other people or with nature and the world.

This concept reminded me very much of what Native Americans and ancient tribes believe​. Researching their culture and symbols made me realise how brilliantly they have developed the connection between graphics and their meanings. The symbol that stood out the most to represent the world around them is, naturally, the circle. By adding different marks and shapes around​ the circle form, they could extend its meaning to other things related to the world.

However, as the book is a professional and educational book of essays aimed at modern readers and leaders of organisations, I wanted to keep the tribal symbolism very subtle. To this end, I used modern typefaces together with a thick line for the circle and removed all other marks.

This project was managed by MERX.