Hello there


I love mochaccinos, British humour and ballet dancing.

I started my freelancing career in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after working in advertising, design, and publishing. In March 2010, I moved to The Netherlands to be with my now-husband. After nearly 3 years working in design in Amsterdam, I went back to freelancing at my colourful desk in Rotterdam. In early 2016, we moved back to Kuala Lumpur to start a family. We now have a beautiful girl named Stella, who keeps me company while I work from my home office.

I have worked for clients in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia including…

NS (National Dutch Rail)

Marie Claire
Monash University
Soul Society (SOULed Out, Tujo, Hubba Hubba)

… in various industries such as


Food & Beverage

How does it work?

  1. So you need something designed. You email me with details and request a quotation.
  2. Together, we clarify your goals for this project.
  3. Once the quotation is approved, I start researching your business and industry.
  4. I advise you on how to approach the design. Together, we discuss it and come to an agreement.
  5. The creation process begins and you get one or a few options to narrow down.
  6. Together, we tweak the design until we are both happy.
  7. If it’s digital, the design is sent to my developer partners and we get an estimated deadline.
  8. If it’s print, the design is sent to one of my trusted printers for production.
  9. I do all the testing and liaising before sending items to you for final approval.
  10. All along the way, I’m available for advice on all processes; such as design, development, print production, server migration, emails, and more.

Have any other questions on how I can help you? Send em my way!


Goodputty is a registered company in Malaysia: LLP0006824-LGN.

Let’s see some of that work! I want to work with you!