I’m on Fiverr

As a freelancer, it’s pretty normal to find yourself not having any paid work to complete, or perhaps you’ve been too efficient and are tapping your fingers while waiting for feedback.

Today, I find myself in such a situation. So I decided to sign up to Fiverr and offer my expert (if I do say so myself) services in proofreading. I just figured that I’d put one of my OCD habits to good use and see if I can help anyone with it.

Here’s why I think I’m brilliant at proofreading:

  • I’ve proofread countless essays from friends, even doing their Masters theses;
  • Spotting mistakes comes naturally to me as someone who has read since four years of age;
  • I spotted a typo on the Olympics live broadcast – “Offical sponsor” (how quickly did you spot that?);
  • I have a genuine interest in reading what others have written.

So I posted my proofreading gig on Fiverr, and while I don’t have high hopes, seeing as proofreading in English is pretty well represented already, I thought it might be fun to just put myself out there. You can find my page here: http://www.fiverr.com/shoobaba

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