None of that normal superhero nonsense

The dream I had last night impressed me so much I actually have to write a blog post on it, even if it may bore you readers out there.

I’ve always been intrigued by the language of dreams and how your brain “chooses” which dreams you should have this time.

I’m not about to discuss some philosophical idea about my dreams, but I just wanted to say: I was a superhero last night.

Despite the comicky name “superhero”, it was really a serious dream. Proper evil beings were sneakily attacking the group of people (including me) who were trying to eliminate them. But what was my superpower? This is the part I love.

It wasn’t a run-of-the-mill power like, say, superstrength, teleportation, martial arts, or that sort of Marvel universe thing. It was actually something creative – I had the ability to pick up any object and transform it into something (related) that could be of use in my attack. So, let’s say I found a pair of chopsticks (the fight was on a deserted floor of a shopping mall). I would have to pick it up and instantly transform it into a weapon before then flinging it to the evil being approaching. So, what could chopsticks transform into? Perhaps that’s too simple. Chopsticks = steel rods, or super sturdy needles, etc.

The challenge was if I found, say, a sticker left on the wall by some kid. Take just one second to think of a use then transform it in your head. I transformed it into a larger piece of sticky item and wham bammed it against the evil being to the wall.

Oh, I forgot to mention… I did have superspeed (although not the out-of-this-world Superman type). I just had it in order to have some momentum in my attack, because all my attacks had to be melee. Which is strange, as I always prefer to be the marksman in RPGs.

Now that I think of it, maybe this dream does have a meaning relatable to my everyday conscious life. Perhaps, my brain is trying to tell me that what I do; create something special out of something ordinary is valuable. Perhaps I’ve been feeling down about myself and my brain decided that I needed a pick-me-up.

Whatever it is, thank you, brain, for a pretty scary, but pretty awesome dream.

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