Does a daily routine help you work better?

Do you have a daily routine, or do you like mixing it up every day?

I used to think that I liked the unpredictability and flexibility of freelancing. That I couldn’t be nailed down behind a desk from 9 to 6. I liked not knowing what I would be doing in the next hour.

But now, maybe I’ve grown up and changed my mind, or maybe it was actually about whose desk I was sitting behind. Over the year I’ve been a freelancer, I’ve realised that I really do like waking up to a daily routine. My daily routine.

Now I have a tiny secret to share — I don’t particularly love the weekends. Before you faint with shock, what I mean is that while I enjoy meeting my friends and not having any clients to deal with, what I really like about weekdays is the routine, which weekends full of social obligations don’t give me. I enjoy waking up every morning at 9am, making my tea and croissant, and eating it sometimes in front of my computer, and sometimes at the dining table with the iPad (whaddya know, there’s some unpredictability there!).

I used to think that having a daily routine would make me a boring person. That it was a waste of a life to do the same things every day. But perhaps turning 30, and having worked for the best part of a decade has given me the maturity to realise that there is more than one definition of “making the most of life”. If I do my best and most fulfilling work as a result of having a daily routine, then where’s the waste in that?

So here’s the takeaway from my look inward this morning – If something makes you happy, just do it. Don’t worry about how it’s perceived by others. You are yourself, and only you know what works for you.

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