Brush pens

Last year, I discovered this amazing product called a brush pen.

It caught my eye every time I visited the art shop, but at 8 euros for one pen, I was always a little nervous about it. See, I tend to buy stationery and not have any use for them in the end. Well, when my birthday came around again this year, I thought it would be the perfect chance to ask for something that I want but didn’t dare to buy myself!

So my very first brush pen was a Pentel black. I’ve since used it on several projects (could be more) and I just love it. I try to incorporate it into any project I can, usually hobby projects, since my commissioned designs don’t involve much handdrawn illustration.

Then a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon… the COLOURED version of the brush pen! Once again, the dilemma. To buy or not to buy?

I bought. And it arrived today!

Now what will my next project be…?


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