A challenge every month

I should have named my A Freebie A Month project to A Challenge A Month. Because it really is a challenge trying to think of what my audience might like as a freebie, as well as what I would like to make for fun. The question is also, how much effort do I put into something that I give away for free? The answer is, by the way, the same effort as I would make for something I sell. Because in the end, it’s my name that is attached to these products, and if by some lucky stroke, one of my freebies hits it big on the internet, I wouldn’t want it to be something that is a copycat or lacking in my usual quality.

Anyway, although it’s come late, this is an evergreen category – the gift wrapping category. With Christmas and all sorts of present-giving occasions coming up, gift tags and wraps are going to be in demand. Hence, two gift tag printables in a row! This is my favourite though. Check it out here.

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