Genovasi Mega Posters Campaign

Genovasi is a design thinking school partner of the HPI School in Germany and a sister institute of  the at Stanford University in the US. Design thinking is a relatively modern concept, a methodology in which to solve problems creatively and innovatively. You can read more about it here.

Genovasi approached Goodputty to come up with a campaign aimed at university students, attracting them to enrol for a course in design thinking. The campaign would be run in 12 university campuses around the Klang Valley, and consist of a series of four posters in total, spread throughout the year. In addition to that, Goodputty was asked to come up with another series to advertise and promote the RSA (Royal School of Art in London) Design School contest.

The Genovasi university campaign was challenging, in that most students do not know what design thinking is. We had to convey, in one poster, what the course would involve and how it would help them, as well as engage them to “participate” in the poster, instead of just walking by and forgetting about it. The result is a series of four posters with similar messages; emphasising that everyone is different, but they could all benefit from design thinking.