ROEM organises events, competitions and masterclasses promoting quality and integrity in the journalism field, and more specifically in culture and sports. One of their biggest events is the annual journalism awards ceremony, De Tegel.

Because ROEM stands for quality and integrity, I based the logo and identity around a “stamp of approval”. The logo consists of the logomark ‘R’ and the wordmark ROEM in simple, straightforward letters. The ‘R’ itself contains a subtle drawing of a pencil, a fundamental symbol of journalism.

To further emphasise the quality and integrity theme, I carefully selected from paper stocks that would look simple yet have a feeling of quality and rawness. The business cards are printed and stamped on lightly textured white card and the envelopes are grey with tiny flecks.

The website is designed to be simple and easy to navigate directly to any event that ROEM has been a part of.