Thread & Tale

​Thread & Tale is a new boutique for women. They source their casual and simple yet stylish clothes from little shops in Bangkok and bring them to a wider market.

​I was given a free hand to interpret the name ‘Thread & Tale’ as I wished when creating a logo for the brand.

To begin with, I visited and researched similar boutiques that the two owners regularly shop at and which they are inspired by. ​I also guessed (correctly) that their tastes were subconsciously inspired by other brands with similar-sounding names, such as The Duke & The Duchess and Pull & Bear. From these findings, I interpreted the mood and character of the brand to be classy, yet approachable, honest and modern.

The end result is a logo design that starts with the thin characteristics of thread, adding more to it as the tale gets told. As the typeface used in the logo is thin, it wouldn’t be possible to scale down and still be legible if the whole brand name was used. Therefore, I devised a new way of presenting the brand as T & T, with the full name written in a solid typeface, holding the ‘thread’ and the ‘tale’ together, like the spine of a book.

To balance the clean and sharp look, I used natural, softer looking textures and hand drawn borders​ to inject a bit of fun and warmth into the identity system.

As the brand is looking to cater to most of their customers via Facebook, I wanted to create a system that​ matches and works with the current Facebook Page design which uses a square profile photo and square thumbnails around the site.