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Featured on Tictail

I’ve been somewhat addicted to online shopping the past couple of weeks, getting all birthday presents and even something for the house via Etsy or Tictail. During one of these browsing moments, I clicked onto […]

Brush pens

Last year, I discovered this amazing product called a brush pen. It caught my eye every time I visited the art shop, but at 8 euros for one pen, I was always a little nervous […]

Do something every day

I read somewhere that doing something every day, even if it isn’t much, is better than doing nothing. So since I want to pursue illustration as a viable complement to my design work, I’ve decided […]

Illustrated birds

I’ve always loved drawing objects of nature. My doodles usually consist of trees and sometimes birds, although it isn’t obvious looking at my webshop! I decided today to pick up where I left off with […]

Never waste an opportunity

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a band from the UK to create an illustration for a t-shirt they want to produce (pics later!). The first illustration I made was of a willow […]

Something a little different

I’ve been commissioned to create many birthday cards over the past few weeks. I used to hate them, but since I’ve started to see them as more illustrative work compared to more bland, corporate or […]